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Tuesday 12 October 2010 - 11:02:47

UNION TWP. - A feud involving two rival motorcycle clubs has spread to the suburbs, but a weekend bar fight involving alleged members was unusual for Clermont County, police and the prosecutor said Monday.

“There’s been an ongoing feud between the Iron Horsemen and the Cincinnati Highwaymen motorcycle club,” said Lt. Scott Gaviglia of the Union Township Police Department. “This event was another in a series of altercations the two clubs have had over the years.”

The Iron Horsemen have been on edge because of a recent spike in violence between their members and the Highwaymen, Cincinnati police have said.

Two Cincinnati police officers were wounded and a member of the Iron Horsemen was killed in a shootout last month in Camp Washington that apparently was linked to the rising tension.

“Both clubs are actively searching for the other at several local bars especially in the Price Hill area … and in the city of Cheviot,” according to a police advisory issued to officers this summer.

“I think it’s one of those things that goes way back – like a blood feud from the 1700s,” Gaviglia said. “Nobody knows what started it.”

But “this was an isolated incident” as far as local bar fights go, said Gaviglia, who couldn’t recall a similar clash between motorcycle clubs in the 13 years he has been an officer with the Union Township Police Department.

A 1989 shootout at Vic’s Brew & Cue in Mount Carmel involved a dispute between the Iron Horsemen and the Outlaws of Dayton, Ohio. Two motorcycle club members were killed and four others hurt.

Bail was set at $100,000 apiece Monday Oct/11 for nine men charged in the weekend fight, including a Union Township firefighter/EMT who allegedly had a handgun.

All those charged allegedly had ties to the Cincinnati Highwaymen, Gaviglia said.

Two other men, identified as members of the Iron Horsemen, allegedly were attacked at the bar, Gaviglia said.

The Saturday night fight at Frank and JamieÖ Tavern on Old Ohio 74 involved knives and clubs, he said.

The two victims were playing pool when the others entered and attacked them, said Pete Baker, who has owned the bar for about 1∏ years.

“When they walked in the door, they went straight to them, beat them up and left,” Baker said. “It lasted 40 seconds – that’s how quick it was. We called the police.”

Union Township police responded to the bar about 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

The Iron Horsemen fled, but police have made contact with them and hope to interview the two, Gaviglia said.

Four alleged Highwaymen were stabbed in the fight, Gaviglia said. They were treated at local hospitals.

Several of the men in court Monday wore bandages and had visible bruises.

Some of the injured men were arrested at the bar. The rest were arrested in a truck during a traffic stop about a mile from the bar.

A customer had noted the license plate of a truck some of the men got into, Baker said.

He wasn’t at the bar when the fight started, Baker said, but he has reviewed a security camera recording of it.

The recording, which has been turned over to police, showed “one of the guys had a baseball bat,” Baker said.

About 30 customers saw the fight, and “it shook them up a little bit,” Baker said. “That stuff never happens (at the bar). That’s why they come here. It’s a family bar.”

High bail was prudent because the men charged live outside Clermont County and could pose a flight risk, Magistrate Robert M. Lamb of Municipal Court said. The men also might pose a risk to the safety of the public, he said.

No other significant problems involving motorcycle gangs have been reported recently in Clermont County, Prosecutor Don White said,

The prosecutor said he knew of no relationship between the Union Township brawl and the shootout last month involving Cincinnati police and alleged members of the Iron Horsemen. Two cops were wounded, and biker Harry Seavey was killed at a Camp Washington bar.

“I don’t think this event is tied to that event,” Gaviglia said.

“We have not had a lot of contact with Cincinnati Highwaymen, who are affiliated with a Detroit motorcycle club,” Gaviglia said. “This really looks like a crime of opportunity,” with someone apparently telephoning the Highwaymen about the location of the Iron Horsemen.

Members of biker gangs aren’t welcome at the Union Township bar, which is also known as The Lake because it abuts Jackson Lake, which used to be a pay fishing lake, Baker said.

A sign posted on the inside of the front door reads: “No Motorcycle Club Colors Allowed.”

The bar is about 60 years old, and the sign was there when he bought the place, Baker said.

Each of the nine men was charged with felonious assault, which could result in up to eight years in prison if they are found guilty in Common Pleas Court, a defense attorney said. A grand jury will be asked to consider more charges, White said.

One of the men charged, Keith R. Gardner, 38, of Possum Trot in Taylor Mill, Ky., is a Union Township firefighter/emergency medical technician, a defense attorney told the magistrate.

An employee of Union Township since 2004, Gardner was placed on administrative leave Monday, Fire Chief Stanley G. Deimling said.

“I don’t expect Mr. Gardner to be treated any different than anybody else who has been charged,” said Deimling, who added that he didn’t know whether Gardner was a member of the Cincinnati Highwaymen.

Gardner had a handgun in his possession but not a concealed carry permit, Assistant Prosecutor Todd Stoffel said.

In addition to Gardner, those charged were: Joseph K. Earls, 47, of Delhi Township; William J. Ferguson, 29, of Greenhills; Ryan A. Flowers, 22, of Colerain Township; Joshua T. Overbeck, 22, of Colerain Township; Rickey R. Hiter, 36, of Florence; Geoffrey Poynter, 43, of Pleasant Run; KelvinÖ C. Ryan, 46, of Mount Orab; and Joseph A. Senecal, 21, of Cheviot.

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