News Item: Naugatuck slaying spurred by biker-club rivalry
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Thursday 09 August 2007 - 23:50:47

Outlaws vs. Hells Angels is among world's biggest outlaw gang contests

Police said 42-year-old Michael Sjaastad killed 35-year-old Eric Anderson for wearing a Hells Angels T-shirt inside a Naugatuck bar where members of the Outlaws motorcycle club hang out.

While neither man was a member of a motorcycle club, the killing casts light on the rivalry between the two clubs.

The Waterbury chapter of the Outlaws opened a clubhouse on Division Street in 2002.

The club originally consisted of former members of the Helter Skelter motorcycle club of Waterbury and the Faces of Death motorcycle club from Naugatuck, two groups that were well-known to law enforcement.

Nationally, law enforcement officials consider the Outlaws to be among the most formidable outlaw biker gangs in the world and the chief rivals of the Hells Angels motorcycle club. The Outlaws have about 200 chapters worldwide.

Before the Outlaws moved in, Connecticut had traditionally been considered Hells Angels territory.

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